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A Word from the Chairman of the Board

A Word from the Chairman of the Board

מוטי בן יהודה, יו"ר הדירקטוריון

Dear residents,

The “Mey Sheva” corporation has been established in 2007, in accordance with the Water and Sewage Corporations Law, 2001.

As a regional corporation, we provide water and sewage services to some 90,000 homes in Be’er Sheva and Ofakim.

The corporation operates according to the company’s vision, and its goal is to improve water and sewage services, while maintaining the highest level of quality, service and use of advanced technologies, for the benefit of our customers. Based on this vision, and in accordance with the changing reality, we define our targets and goal for each year, and these targets and goals guide the company’s efforts and commitment.

As a member of the Be’er Sheva City Council, I chose to fulfil this important public role out of recognition and believe in the close relationship between the vital resource of water and the perception of resident welfare that is central to the organization’s efforts. Water corporations are run as closed economies, i.e. the income from water and sewage is reinvested in the maintenance and upgrade of water and sewage infrastructures for the benefit of residents. This system allows water and sewage systems to constantly improve, using newer and more advanced technologies.

The “Mey Sheva” corporation operates out of an environmental and communal view and a strong commitment to the community. That is why we lead several projects and activities for the benefit of the community. In the last three years, we have increased our educational activity among children and youths, as part of the corporation’s vision to establish itself as a pillar in the community regarding water education for the Negev’s future generations.

It is my privilege to have an active part in marching forward a corporation that is leading and innovative in the advanced services it provides to residents. In accordance with the vision of the corporation, we will continue to be a vanguard of development for the city, provide excellent service, and maintain our top position on the city corporations’ quality ranking.

The corporation’s new internet site has been created with the needs of the customers in mind. Its design, structure and content have been improved in order to provide you, the customers, with a friendly, available and easy to use tool, accessible also to persons with disabilities, in accordance with the law. 

The site contains a wide variety of information for your use and benefit regarding the corporation’s goals and activity, contact information and a variety of remote digital services, including advanced appointments, registration for water bills by E-mail and more. 

The information on the site is constantly updated, and includes real time notifications regarding water supply interruptions, projects and infrastructure work and community projects around Be’er Sheva and Ofakim.

I invite you to join our Facebook page, download the app, subscribe to our newsletter and visit the corporation’s new website.

Happy and beneficial surfing,

Moti Ben Yehuda
Chairman of the Board of Directors