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The Vision of the Corporation

The Vision of the Corporation

"The Mey Sheva regional corporation will be a leading provider of water and sewage services, maintaining the highest level of quality and service, and using advanced infrastructures and technologies, for the benefit of our customers".


The employees, managers and board of directors of the Mey Sheva Corporation undertake to fulfil the corporation’s vision:

We undertake to strive for the highest efficiency and competence, to continuously learn and improve, and to empower service providers and their professional skills.

We undertake to act with the goal of becoming a regional center of knowledge regarding water and sewage management.

We undertake to provide the best possible service, emphasizing reliability and transparency, for the benefit of our customers – the water and sewage consumers..

We undertake to act responsibly towards the community and the environment in which we operate, to strengthen our connection with the community and to promote values of sustainability.