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About the Engineering Department

About the Engineering Department

The Engineering Department is responsible for water supply, wastewater transmission, upgrading and developing water and sewage infrastructures, water quality, wastewater quality, emergency water supply, water safety, depreciation and water consumption, construction fees and sanitary plans.

The department provides full and professional response at any time for the residents of Be’er Sheva and Ofakim regarding water supply services, in accordance with quality requirements and the standards and regulations of the Water Authority. The department is also responsible for the collection, transmission and treatment of wastewater. In addition, in order to maintain the standard quality of water throughout the year, water samples are taken around Be’er Sheva and Ofakim, in accordance with an annual plan approved by the Ministry of Health.

The department is also in charge of installing reflux prevention devices and their annual calibration and examination, in accordance with the Public Health Regulations, 2013.

Today, the department is upgrading the command and control systems in all 9 water and sewage pumping facilities in Be’er Sheva and Ofakim. These systems will allow the corporation’s engineers to control water and sewage facilities in real-time and identify problems quickly.

The Engineering Department is entrusted with the implementation of the Master Plans for water and sewage, as approved by statutory and regulatory authorities, as well as with the implementation of a perennial development plan for water and sewage infrastructure. These plans define the annual work plans of the department. Since the establishment of the company, dozens of millions of Shekels have been invested as part of these plans in the restoration, upgrading and development of water and sewage infrastructures in Be’er Sheva and Ofakim. Every year, the corporation invests around 27 million NIS in Linked Infrastructures and Super Infrastructures, with an emphasis on the restoration and upgrading of existing infrastructures. Since the establishment of the corporation, 145 million NIS have been invested in the restoration and upgrading of infrastructures.

The engineering department is also in charge of the periodic replacement of water meters and the installation of new water meters in Be’er Sheva and Ofakim, in accordance with the Water Metering Regulation (Water Meters), 1988. (Hebrew).

The Engineering Department implements new technologies, such as: sewage line photography, sensors for detecting sewage blockages and overflows, identification of water leaks through the uses of gas and other technological tools for water and sewage infrastructures, in order to ensure the reliability and availability of water supply, preserve water quality and save resources.

The Team

The Engineering Department consists of 27 employees. Below are the main roles within the department:

  • Engineering Department Manager: Oz Yihye
    Water and Sewage Infrastructures Manager: Ginadi Caselman
    Project Control Engineer: Amit Tzadok
    Licensing, Establishment Fees and Budget Control Manager: Yardena Kalmanovich
    Water Depreciation and Consumer Affairs Manager: Orly Danilovich
    Water Safety, Water Quality and Industrial Sewage Manager: Yakir Harush


Drinking Water Supply

The water source for Be’er Sheva and Ofakim is the Mekorot, Israel’s National Water Company. Mey Sheva provides the towns under its jurisdiction with high quality drinking water.

Facilities and water connections
  Be’er Sheva Ofakim
Mekorot 27 connections to Mekorot 2 connection to Mekorot
Water facilities 5 water pumping facilities
9 water reservoirs

1 water pumping facilities
2 water reservoirs
1 water tower
Sewage facilities 2 sewage pumping facilities 1 sewage pumping facility
Wastewater Treatment Institute – Sde Teyman