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Wastewater Treatment Plant (WTP)

Wastewater Treatment Plant (WTP)

A wastewater treatment plant (WTI) is located near Sde Teyman, in the jurisdiction of the Bnei Shimon Regional Council.

The plant operates since 2002 and treats around 45,000 cubic meters of influents every day, from Be’er Sheva, Ofakim, Tel Sheva, Segev Shalom, Mishmar Ha’negev and Eshel Ha’nasi. 

The plant is in fact the second stage in the cleaning and treatment of influents arriving from sewage pumping stations. The first stage takes place at the stations themselves and includes the removal of clutter such as rags, tissues and grit.

In the WTP effluents undergo a secondary treatment through a biological process, after which they are transferred to Kolchei Ha’negev, for tertiary treatment that would allow them to be used in the irrigation of agricultural fields and city parks.

The plant is managed by the Minrav Company and is used exclusively by the corporation.