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Customer Service

Customer Service

When it comes to the quality of our service, to a professional and cordial response, whether in person or by phone, the customer is our highest priority here at the Mey Sheva Corporation.

The Be’er Sheva customer service center has 8 representatives, with one representative at the revenues administration, 2 service hosts and a shift manager. The customer service center in Ofakim has 2 service representatives and a branch manager.

All service representatives of the corporation undergo comprehensive training in all areas of operation. Furthermore, the Be’er Sheva customer service center has been recently upgraded, and additional service stations and a self-service station have been added. We are committed to providing the best, most professional and most reliable service to our customers, in accordance with our service charter and the high standards that it sets.

The corporation continues the service revolution! The Be’er Sheva customer service center operates fully using an Advance Appointment Arrangement service. This is a new, simple and convenient service, implemented by the corporation for the benefit of our customers, in order to improve service and reduce waiting times.

Thanks to the new Advance Appointment Arrangement service, waiting times at the Be’er Sheva customer service center have been significantly reduced, with a current average of about 5 minutes!

The Mey Sheva Corporation continues its efforts to improve its work procedures and implement new technological tools for the benefit of its customers, using all the tools and authorities at its disposal.