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Quality and Standards

Quality and Standards

Quality has been defined by the corporation’s management as a main goal across the organization and throughout the year. Defining quality goals as part of the business strategy of the corporation is a statement about our effort to consider quality in every process and operation engaged by the corporation.

In 2012, the corporation has been approved and certified in the international standard for quality and excellence ISO 9001. This standard is ratified every year by the Standards Institution of Israel.

In 2016, the corporation has been certified in 2 additional quality standards (ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, and OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety at Work Management Systems), leading to an award of the “Gold Standard Mark” to indicate that the corporation’s management systems comply with the highest standards of the Standards Institution of Israel.

Here is a link to the standards certificates. (Hebrew)

In 2017, the corporation was accredited to 2 additional quality standards (information security management 27001 ISO and management of safety and quality systems of transportation and land transport internal organizational 9301) which led the corporation to receive a "Platinum" certificate attesting to the suitability of management systems Of the corporation for high-quality standards as required by the Israeli Standards Institute.

After receiving the Platinum Standard Mark, the corporation is required to continue operating in accordance with the requirements of the Standards Institute. Every year, an external audit will be conducted by the Standards Institute, before renewing the certification and continuing our eligibility for the standards each year.

In 2018, the corporation received the ILO certification - International Labor Organization
The purpose of the organization is to strengthen the rights of the employee, improve the working and living conditions of the employee, programs with the assistance and initiative of the ILO include information on safety and health issues at work.
The certificate from the Institute for Safety and Hygiene for the 2018 work year.

Standards certificates